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PostSubject: RULES OF ELION   Sat May 16, 2015 8:55 pm

Please keep any large element of the roleplay out of the O O C.

- If someone is disturbed by certain actions or topics being discussed then we advise you to drop it.

- Don't send out  paragraphs into the O O C, unless it is absolutely necessary.

- We encourage the O O C as a place to bond with the other members.

- Please keep your font size no higher than 12.

- If you intend to have any explicit talks we suggest you take it to PM's.

- Please do not spam in the O O C.


- Respect yourself and other roleplayers.

- Please be literate, meaning proper grammar and spelling, and be as descriptive as possible. You're here to learn, so don't worry about doing small post.

- A few errors are alright but please try to minimize mistakes.

- While posting there should be a posting order, unless stated otherwise.

- All forms of O O C chatter aren't allowed within the roleplay. There is an OOC box for a reason.

- Please do not battle with the intention of killing any role players without their consent.

- Be prepared to the fact that there will be sudden challenges.

- Godmodding will not be tolerated.

- If you are not needed in the particular scene progressing please don't interrupt where you are not needed, unless given consent by ALL of the participants of the scene.

- If you intend to leave the roleplay please do mention so in the O O C, and I C if possible.

- Display respect for everyone, no matter who they are.
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PostSubject: Re: RULES OF ELION   Sat May 16, 2015 8:58 pm


No Godmodding :

Godmod is defined as taking a hit then getting up, and acting like nothing happened. Godmodding are things like invincibility, invulnerability and/or dodging every single attack thrown your way.

No OP character abilities :

These include but are not limited to: Black-Hole Creation, Invisible Attacks, Indistinguishable clones, 360 degree shields (or any barrier that covers most/all of your body), Teleportation, and Regeneration Mid-fight.

No post size limit :

Be as descriptive as you need to be in your postings. You should generally stray away from set distances, speeds and other numerical values, since these are not things your opponent would be aware of mid fight. (Exceptions: Constants such as the speed of sound, boiling points/freezing points, and number or revolutions/turns/spins of a(n) player/object)

Posting time limit :

The time limit for your posts is 3 hours (Lets get real people this is more then enough time to reply). Exceptions can be made from outstanding circumstances but most fights will be canceled after two days of zero post activity (48 hours). You should inform your opponent upon posting a reply.

Character Speeds :

No teleporting, or moving/attacking near or at the speed of light, ever. If you go from point A to point B without traveling the distance between in its entirety in a speed that is not considered OP then its counted under this rule.

[NOTE] All participants in a fight are assumed to have the same base speeds at the beginning of the fight.

No bunnying :

You are allowed 1attack per turn, and that is all. Actions that transpire as a result of that attack are, of course, perfectly fine.(counters/redirected abilities are not counted as attacks IE "Bob's blew wind at John's paper attack, blocking the attack and propelling it back at John, Then Bob threw a rock at John's face. [ The redirect is a result of a blocking action so you still get to attack, If your attack redirects his attack you DO NOT get an additional attack ]

[ADDITIONAL] All tournaments will have a attack cap pre-set so all combatants will abide by that cap.

No paper bagging :

This is not explaining what you are doing in your post and declaring that you don't have to because your opponent couldn't see the action. Example: "He would place his hand behind his back and do something out of view". In proper role play you must still write what is happening, and state why you believe your opponent would not be able to know what you did. If your opponent ignores the fact you hide your motion, and figures out what you did, that was out of view/hidden, without giving a reason, he is meta-gaming and subject to disqualification or re post.

No paper bagging your attacks and abilities:

This is not stating hidden abilities that your attacks(or other objects) may have. When role playing you must state everything your attack(or object) can do when you use it, even with poisons you must name what effects that they could have if your opponent gets hit. (Example of Paper bagging attacks: Jon fires an arrow at Bill, Bill takes the hit seeing as how he can deal with it, After the hit was taken Jon says anything the Arrow pierces becomes stone.) Although, if you state in a post beforehand that there is a passive abilities you no longer have to state it during that battle because it has already been made known, if your opponent gets hit and forgot about it mentioning it then is fine.

No Meta-gaming :

Metagaming is using any information learned outside of the role play, that you take into account during your fight. This includes but not limited to: Using information on a characters profile such as weaknesses against them without explaining how you discovered these weaknesses, using knowledge/information described in your opponents post to your advantage that would not have been made clear to your character during the role play. "He guessed his opponent was holding a pair of scissors behind his back so he pulled out a large rock from his pocket to counter"

NPCs :

The FULL NPC limit at 1. FULL NPCs are treated as full characters in regards to being hit and receiving damage but their power must be relative to the controllers character in terms of balance. All other NPCs above one are SUB-NPCs. SUB-NPCs are allowed to be auto-hit and destroyed at will by an opponent. If you have an acting FULL NPC it must have a Proper name or something to identify it/ differentiate it from other NPCs (ie BOBBY), the rest of the NPCs cannot have a name(ie Thing 1/thing 2/robot 1/robot

2). All Unamed NPCs are allowed to be considered as SUB-NPCs during fights.

Auto-Hitting :

Always attempt, never simply do. It is auto hitting if you simply do your move, and auto hitting falls under god modding. It is a huge no-no. If we catch you doing it, we will not hesitate to punish you for it. There is one single instance in role play where auto-hits are AWARDED. This happens IF and ONLY IF you opponent fails to mention your attack within his post. In order to be AWARDED an auto hit you must bring this fact to the attention of your opponent/ref BEFORE you post.

It's Role play people have fun :

Do not be afraid to accept defeat and lose. A good role-player is a good sport. Think realistically, especially when in a fight. If you can't handle losing in a fight, grow up. Life is full of losses, and you may not achieve some of the things you want to achieve. Get over it. It may sound harsh, but a bad truth is better than a good lie. Always.

Setting :

As this is a universal fantasy RP setting, science can be bent. Remember, this IS Earth, or at least functions under the same laws.

Locked Fight :

No entrance from an outside party, unless you have consent from all the combatants. If you don't want to have your character killed tell your opponent in O O C you surrender or ask the ref to stop the fight on your behalf. This rule is void if all of the two, or more, combatants wish for people to join freely, or want to allow someone else to join.

D Q's :

Failure to comply with any/all rules will result in one repost. You are allowed ONE repost, and thereafter an infringement results in a disqualification, This is at the refs sole digression. A DQ could mean your character dying, seeing as in this world many fights will be to the death, or being majorly wounded and having to heal and becoming unable to do much else but rest and heal for a day, unless they are helped to heal by someone else within the roleplay, but there are no instant full recoveries.

Characters :

Any information not on your character sheet is completely invalidated, and cannot be used within the confines of the battle itself. You aren't allowed to make up abilities as you go along, don't even try.

Post Explanation :

You not only reserve the right to have a post explained to you by your opponent, but judging decisions must, and I mean MUST be made with both parties present. Once a judge call is made it is final, though both combatants must agree on the judge who makes the call before the call is made.(In most cases judges will be assigned to matches before they start)

Be polite :

Remember to talk to people about fighting them before fighting them. Do not just flat-out attack them or provoke/hound them, because that would catch people off-guard or simply piss someone off. It's unfair, rather cruel, and annoying. Talk it out first. We are all friends here.
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